"HEMP SHIRTING" Pre-Order Start

MARKAWARE has begun accepting pre-orders for the "HEMP SHIRTING" series, which will be our standard material for spring and summer.

Hemp fabric is a highly breathable and lightweight material that is also resistant to ultraviolet rays, making it ideal for spring and summer. It is also environmentally friendly because it can be grown on many types of soil and can be grown in no-till and crop rotation, and it does not require pesticides or chemical fertilizers, thus reducing water use.

In addition to cool, light outerwear and standard shirts, we also offer pants that can be enjoyed as a set-up.


In addition to the existing standard colors such as "White," "Taupe," and "Black," a new accent color called "Light Green" has been introduced.


The lineup also includes "Cloudy Bleaching," a processing that symbolizes this season's MARKAWARE, and is a lineup of items that will make a statement as a single piece.

This is your chance to get your hands on an item that sells out every season, so be sure to take advantage of this pre-order.


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Hemp is hygroscopic and breathable, and naturally possesses a number of functional properties desired in spring and summer clothing, such as antibacterial properties, sun protection, and a cool contact feeling.
Selected hemp from China's Heilongjiang Province and spun with the technology of Hardeman, a prestigious Irish linen company, the fabric has a beautiful natural luster and cool feel, and is not stiff. The more it is worn and washed, the softer it becomes over time, which is also attractive.

"Cloudy Bleaching"

Cloudy Bleaching is processed by hand, and no two patterns are alike.
The artistic pattern, which looks like a cloud, is created by dyeing the product with sulfide dye and then removing the dye. The pattern created by craftsmanship and chance adds an artistic impression to monotone coordination.