2024 Spring Outer More Variations

2024 Spring Outer More Variations

From 1 March, "2024 Spring Outer More Variations" will be held at the directly managed shop PARKING and the official online shop.

During the period, customers who purchase the recommended outerwear at MARKAWARE / marka will receive the following benefits.

Benefit 1: Original hanger present
During the period, customers who purchase eligible items will receive a MARKAWARE original hanger on a first-come, first-served basis.
The quantity is limited to 30 pieces for both in-store and online.

Benefit 2: Double Points Up Campaign
During the period, customers who purchase eligible products will be given double the usual points (6%).
*3% will be awarded at the time of purchase and the remaining 3% at a later date.

In conjunction with this fair, we have introduced some particularly recommended materials and items on this special page.

We have a range of items that you can enjoy coordinating for the coming season, so please take this opportunity to visit our directly-managed PARKING shop or official online shop.

Organic Giza Gabardine

This series uses an original gabardine fabric made from rare organic Giza cotton yarns, which are brought to a mill that produces the best gabardine.

The high density and chambray (using yarn yarn dyed in different colours in the warp and weft), which is based on the traditional construction of high-class coats, are retained in this beautiful fabric, which has a good balance between firmness and fall.

This season, we have prepared two outerwear models using plenty of this luxurious fabric. The HUGE SINGLE TRENCH COAT with an oversized silhouette and the SPORTSMAN JACKET with a sporty look.

Both are outerwear for spring outfits, so please have a look.

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Organic Wool Tropical

Organic Wool Tropical is MARKAWARE's standard material.

The brand's representative fabric, using finer and finer hair carefully selected from organic merino wool born in the Patagonia region of Argentina and uniquely woven by MARKAWARE, is a very cool fabric with excellent moisture absorption properties and a highly breathable structure that makes the most of its bounciness.

In addition to the 'SACK COAT' and the 'PEGTOP TROUSER', which have become a standard every season, the 'W-BREASTED BLAZER' and the 'FLAIR TROUSERS' have been added to the line-up this season as new models.

The series can be used individually, of course, but also express a modern set-up style, so please enjoy wearing them as a set-up.

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Ultra Light All Weather Cloth

The fabric woven by Daiwa Intertec in Saitama Prefecture is an original MARKAWARE fabric made from fine, delicate 120 twin yarn organic Giza cotton, woven in an ultra-high density plain weave.

Despite being a natural fibre, it is highly water-repellent and can be worn in light rain without concern. The high density makes it difficult for wind to penetrate, and the moisture absorbency typical of natural materials also makes it difficult to get stuffy. This fabric is also unique in that it looks like a synthetic fibre but is actually cotton.
Please take a look at this series, which offers an elegant sheen and a light, comfortable feel.

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