Organic Wool Tropical Suck Coat, Olive
Organic Wool Tropical Suck Coat, Olive
Organic Wool Tropical Suck Coat, Olive
Organic Wool Tropical Suck Coat, Olive
Organic Wool Tropical Suck Coat, Olive
Organic Wool Tropical Suck Coat, Olive


Organic Wool Tropical Suck Coat, Olive

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A light and comfortable to wear jacket. While having a dignified look and impression on viewing it from the front, it has been designed from a single panel so as to make it lighter. With short-sleeve lining for its arms, the garment can be worn neatly without any bulkiness. 

Designed with notched lapels and with two-buttons as a standard design that is easy for anyone to wear, and arranged with lightly dropped shoulders so as to add a more casual mood to the piece.


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A jacket that can be worn with a more relaxed mood, similar to a cardigan. Taking advantage of the light and bouncy tropical wool fabric, it has been designed with a slightly boxy silhouette. Arranged with the shoulders sewn together with split stitching so as to form a more natural line, the jacket is characterized by a softened, relaxed impression that still retains its crisp look. 

With this, the piece is perfect for when you want to enjoy the style such a jacket can provide, especially for casual occasions. With its soft silhouette easily blending in without everyday  casual styling without feeling out of place, the piece elevates one’s outfit in just the right way. A useful piece for a date out or dinner at a restaurant. 

Of course, in coordinating it with a pair of pants made from the same fabric, one can enjoy a formal look even into the warmer season. 



Made of organic wool sourced from bountiful regions of Argentina, a wool well known for its rich crimp (fiber waviness) - a distinguishing factor in determining quality amongst fabrics - that is then woven into a well-ventilated, airy tropical wool. With its crimped texture making the fabric breathable and cool, the additional antibacterial properties of wool warding off potential smell from sweat makes it well suited for spring and summer.

While up until last year the fabric has been designed plain, this season it has been woven into a very pin check pattern. Through its use of various colors of thread, the fabric is given depth, and is finished with a coloring that provides a unique look to your outfit.

  • Do not wash

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Iron at low temperature

  • Professional dry cleaning in hydrocarbons