Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Huge Parka, Top Gray
Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Huge Parka, Top Gray


Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Huge Parka, Top Gray

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The staple MARKAWARE Huge Parka, with its big and roomy silhouette. The material is filled out to the very limit during the knitting process - creating an incredibly defined, full-bodied appearance when worn. It also features some striking design elements in the tailoring and details - from the use of a flat seamer to the sleeve ribs that stick out over the hems. The size 2 uses the largest possible width achievable with a loop wheel machine to provide a seamless round body.


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A parka hoodie that makes the most of its fabric’s full-bodied nature in an expansive, well-defined hood. Suitable not only as a defining outerwear piece, but also as innerwear. Coordinating this in an outfit with pants made from the same material comes highly recommended.



Ultra-long threads of organic pima cotton are spun into compact yarn, providing a wonderful glossiness while reducing fluff. A No. 30 two-ply yarn is then used with Kanekichi Industries loop wheel machines to create a garment at almost the maximum possible body size. Tough like workwear while maintaining a clear silhouette when worn, this special material at the same time keeps its volume as a result of this loop wheel machine while simultaneously retaining overall flexibility.