Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Gym Pants, Black
Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Gym Pants, Black
Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Gym Pants, Black
Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Gym Pants, Black


Organic Cotton Heavy Fleece Gym Pants, Black

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Color: black

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These gym pants have a regular fit that is neither too thick nor too thin. The pockets on both hips are made of seams, and there is a patch pocket on the back right. The pockets on both hips and the patch pockets on the right back are just a few of the features that make these pants a standard pair of gym pants. They are made of a luxurious sweatshirt fabric, and the firmness of the fabric supports the silhouette beautifully.


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This is one of those sweatshirt set-ups that fit the current fashion trends. It is also great to wear it as a set-up with a pullover hoodie or crew neck sweatshirt of the same fabric to complete the coordination. This kind of set-up is an essential item for those who want to relax their shoulders and enjoy relaxed fashion.

However, the charm of this item lies in the fact that it is made of luxurious fabric. The organic Pima cotton gives it an elegant luster and smooth feel. The tough finished fabric is highly durable and can be used for a long time. It is a classy relaxing wear for adults.



Ultra-long threads of organic pima cotton are spun into compact yarn, providing a wonderful glossiness while reducing fluff. A No. 30 two-ply yarn is then used with Kanekichi Industries loop wheel machines to create a garment at almost the maximum possible body size. Tough like workwear while maintaining a clear silhouette when worn, this special material at the same time keeps its volume as a result of this loop wheel machine while simultaneously retaining overall flexibility.

  • Mild process washing in a washing machine at or below 40°C

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Iron at medium temperature

  • Do not dry clean