Organic Cotton Chambray Naval Tent Shirt, Sage
Organic Cotton Chambray Naval Tent Shirt, Sage
Organic Cotton Chambray Naval Tent Shirt, Sage
Organic Cotton Chambray Naval Tent Shirt, Sage
Organic Cotton Chambray Naval Tent Shirt, Sage


Organic Cotton Chambray Naval Tent Shirt, Sage

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Color: sage

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A mass-produced work shirt, born in 1930s America. With a design expressing those roots, one can easily see how the design was born out of a pursuit of efficiency which is strongly reflected in its pattern and stitching, two characteristics further elevated by production at a sewing factory that takes care to express such details well. Rather than delicate and careful stitching, incorporated into the core of this item is a focus in simple design and durability. 

While the puckering created from the shrinkage of threads after washing and the rugged mood of the design are not born from an aesthetic point of view, the beauty of fashion comes in finding interest and nuance in such points. If you were to wear this shirt while unraveling its historical background, one will feel the charm of this item much more strongly. 


Recommended Comments


An authentic American work shirt adapted into a modern silhouette. Featuring large, dropped shoulders and a wide, generous body, this tent shirt is created so as to give a big silhouette even given those already existing characteristics. Despite this, as the armholes are not that thick, even those who want to challenge themselves into wearing oversized shirts can wear this piece easily without feeling uncomfortable. With the three-dimension pattern adopted here becoming a design point in and of itself, this is a wonderful piece that in just putting it on, one can adapt the current fashion mood. 



Made of organic cotton sourced from Turkey. With a short fiber length, we have sourced one of the best materials for making thick yarns. Therefore suitable for thick shirts, denim, and various cut-and-sew garments, this time we have used this fabric for a slightly thicker chambray shirt. 

Using indigo sourced from India, this piece is finished with indigo colored rope dyeing. Normally, for such a dyeing process it is necessary to boil a large amount of water, however this time around, by using electrolyzed water to make the yarn easily dyeable before beginning the process we have been able to greatly reduce the amount of fuel oil used in the boiler. 

  • Very mild process washing in a washing machine at or below 30°C

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Line drying in the shade

  • Iron at low temperature

  • Professional dry cleaning in hydrocarbons