Organic Cotton All Weather Cloth Hooded Hunter Jacket, Black
Organic Cotton All Weather Cloth Hooded Hunter Jacket, Black
Organic Cotton All Weather Cloth Hooded Hunter Jacket, Black
Organic Cotton All Weather Cloth Hooded Hunter Jacket, Black


Organic Cotton All Weather Cloth Hooded Hunter Jacket, Black

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An outdoor-like short blouson. With a loose body width and raglan sleeves, this blouson’s silhouette fits a variety of body builds and shapes. If generally fitting in the range of a small knapsack, one can even wear a bag over this piece on one’s back. With larger possessions in your bag and smaller items in the pockets of your blouson, this jacket is a convenient addition as a piece to wear while traveling. Created with fabric designed to repel light rain, one can sense the focus on functionality especially when putting up its hood. 

With a voluminous neck derived from a stiff fabric that keeps the hood standing up, the spindles threaded throughout the fabric, dotted buttons, and large pockets with flaps all add small accents that contribute to an outfit’s coordination. A simple yet properly assertive piece, not just providing convenience, but excelling as a fashion statement. 


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This is truly a garment filled with the attention to detail and utility of a designer who travels around the world. Created with a fabric woven at such a high density that it would even seem to exceed the limits of the loom used in its weaving, this density makes it water resistant while ensuring that it does not deteriorate like rubberized fabrics, nor compromise with concerns about odor one might face with oiled fabrics. Due to this characteristic density, while the fabric is hard at first, repeated wear will allow it to gradually soften.

In terms of its design, it is its basic build that is then accented with clever additions that makes this a truly wonderful piece. With its voluminous silhouette, one can complete an outfit just by throwing it on. With an elastic at its hem so as to make it easy to balance with pants ranging from wide to slim builds. As items like these tend to be in heavy rotation across outfits, its durable fabric will support such wear and also make it ideal for long trips. 



This all-weather cloth is made of densely woven organic cotton from India. The fabric has a high number of warp threads and the weft threads are strongly woven to the utmost limit, achieving the highest level of water resistance for a 100% cotton fabric. The yarns are dyed with sullen dyes to ensure evenness of color, and the fabric is resistant to sunlight, washing, and friction, resulting in minimal color fading and discoloration. The result is a high quality fabric produced in Japan by one of the world's leading factories with advanced technology.

  • Mild process washing in a washing machine at or below 40°C

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Iron at medium temperature

  • Professional dry cleaning in hydrocarbons