Cashmere Melton Sports Cap, Medium Gray
Cashmere Melton Sports Cap, Medium Gray
Cashmere Melton Sports Cap, Medium Gray


Cashmere Melton Sports Cap, Medium Gray

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A basic 6-panel baseball cap. Created with a cashmere melton fabric that has a calm and elegant luster which has been incorporated into a casual design.


With an elastic on its back to adjust the size.  Designed with a crown neither too deep or too shallow but at just the right length, it provides an appealing silhouette and is easy for anyone to wear. 


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As most baseball caps are made of either cotton or polyester, sometimes when wearing heavy winter outerwear, they can feel a bit insufficient. This cap is a clear solution for that problem. With a solid presence that will not be overshadowed by outerwear and that is guaranteed to keep your head warm and protected from the cold. We suggest wearing it as a set in coordination with our MAC coat of the same material. 



Made with 100% Melton Cashmere Fabric. A fabric featuring a warm, smooth, and comfortable feel using luxurious materials. In the 1970s, as part of efforts to normalize the diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Japan had conducted business in the cashmere industry in China. Struggling as the flag bearer of those times, was Toyoboshi of Osaka. 


The fabric used this time around are all sourced from that Chinese cashmere produced by Toyoboshi. Although all animal hairs are comprised of arrangements of scales (cuticles), in the case of wool these scales are especially fine and tangle easily - making the material prone to shrinkage - whereas cashmere with very wide cuticles remains resistant to shrinkage and tangling. Yet it is for this reason that Melton fabrics are especially difficult as a material to process. 


This fabric is carefully processed at a factory in Osaka, and finished with a high quality. With a moderate thickness and weight, its relaxed luster gives it an elegant look. This can be attributed to the unique soft water quality and Japanese technology used in production. Of course, the comfortable warmth felt in wearing this fabric is also similarly attractive. 

  • Do not wash

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Flat drying in the shade

  • Iron at medium temperature

  • Professional dry cleaning in hydrocarbons