Cashmere Melton Raglan Mac Coat, Light Gray
Cashmere Melton Raglan Mac Coat, Light Gray
Cashmere Melton Raglan Mac Coat, Light Gray
Cashmere Melton Raglan Mac Coat, Light Gray
Cashmere Melton Raglan Mac Coat, Light Gray
Cashmere Melton Raglan Mac Coat, Light Gray


Cashmere Melton Raglan Mac Coat, Light Gray

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Color: light gray

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A MAC coat with raglan sleeves based on hunting gear, made of fine cashmere melton. With a stand collar that finishes the piece with an elegant look. 


With so-called two-panel sleeves, the sleeves present in a natural line relative to the width of the wearer’s shoulders. With a wide silhouette at the body that falls straight without widening at the hem, this coat’s long length can be enjoyed regardless of height. With hand warmers at right under the chest and flap pockets at the waist, the piece enjoys a high level of functionality. 


Recommended Comments


Designed with a melton fabric created from cashmere that is already hard to process into such a fabric, through Japanese technology the fabric and piece is given a dignified finish. While there are also cashmere melton fabrics to be found in Italy, only in Japan will you find such a heavy-weight fabric.  While cashmere has a delicate impression that, as some may think, is unsuitable for daily life, it is with this solid composition that even if you were to wear this piece over and over again, one would not see it worn down by wear. In exchange, one should only remember to brush it daily while in use. 


In addition to those characteristics, the elegant material and sporty build combine to create a design that is easy to wear on a daily basis. Even with that, it is also easily worn over a suit, and has the elegance to be worn to the office or to a fancy restaurant. 


With a uniquely gentle warmth and softness, its smooth texture will give you a feeling of excitement whenever you get the chance to wear it. A softness that in putting your arms around someone special, you’ll definitely be able to see your partner’s delighted face. 



Made with 100% Melton Cashmere Fabric. A fabric featuring a warm, smooth, and comfortable feel using luxurious materials. In the 1970s, as part of efforts to normalize the diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Japan had conducted business in the cashmere industry in China. Struggling as the flag bearer of those times, was Toyoboshi of Osaka. 


The fabric used this time around are all sourced from that Chinese cashmere produced by Toyoboshi. Although all animal hairs are comprised of arrangements of scales (cuticles), in the case of wool these scales are especially fine and tangle easily - making the material prone to shrinkage - whereas cashmere with very wide cuticles remains resistant to shrinkage and tangling. Yet it is for this reason that Melton fabrics are especially difficult as a material to process. 


This fabric is carefully processed at a factory in Osaka, and finished with a high quality. With a moderate thickness and weight, its relaxed luster gives it an elegant look. This can be attributed to the unique soft water quality and Japanese technology used in production. Of course, the comfortable warmth felt in wearing this fabric is also similarly attractive. 

  • Do not wash

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Iron at low temperature

  • Professional dry cleaning in hydrocarbons