12oz Cotton Denim Type-1, Indigo
12oz Cotton Denim Type-1, Indigo
12oz Cotton Denim Type-1, Indigo
12oz Cotton Denim Type-1, Indigo
12oz Cotton Denim Type-1, Indigo


12oz Cotton Denim Type-1, Indigo

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 From an orthodox denim jacket as base, this piece takes a playful approach towards silhouette balance allowing for a truly unique garment. This jacket features a wide body and sleeves, with tucks on the front and back of its cuffs to swell them outward. By reducing the number of buttons on the front, and arranging the breasts pocket lower, a design that effortlessly cuts the jacket to its essential qualities only is expressed. The practicality of the hip pockets on both sides has also been enhanced.


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Not only extremely convenient for short trips outside, this garment which can even be used as innerwear under a coat or down wear can see action as a light outer wearable for most of the year. On top of this appealing versatility, as a surprisingly refined take on workwear, this coverall can also be coordinated with pants from our collection made from the same material. This season, with the popular denim as a base, we have four colors. If you already own one of the classic colorways, the new top charcoal comes highly recommended.



A true all-season denim, the well-bodied 12 oz. While thinner than other denim, being woven with thicker threads - No. 7 for the warp and No. 10 for its weft - it retains a tough durability. Having undergone a one-wash, this denim is well-fitting against the skin from the moment you first try them on. 

Top charcoal used in its top dyed thread is a rarity amongst denims, and provides it an attractive, deep color. Other colors include the staple indigo and black, a popular ecru color. 

  • Very mild process washing in a washing machine at or below 30°C

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Iron at low temperature

  • Professional dry cleaning in hydrocarbons